Membership Basics


1. 650cc or larger displacement motorcycle.

2. Valid motorcycle operators license.

3. Contractors will be vetted by OZ.

4. DD214 or valid ID for Military.

5. Valid department ID for Public Servants.

Existing Chapters

Two month Prospect phase in which the "Prospective" member has a chance to meet and greet other members.

Four month Probate phase... Our turn to evaluate you.

The six month time frame is a baseline, the individuals effort drives the timeline.

New Charter

Must have minimum of Three (3), service related individuals (Contractor, Military or Public Servant) to request a new charter.

Once your members are vetted, you will be placed on a three (3) month probationary period for us to evaluate you.

Once granted a charter, you will receive you signed charter from OZ and the National President.

Bottom Line

Quality Over Quantity

Membership is not guaranteed to all, you must earn the right to wear our colors.

Memberships and Charters are granted based on your acceptance to furthering the cause of the Shadow Warriors Project.

Existing Chapters

Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas



Get your State on here!

Don't see your area listed here?  We are expanding and looking for qualified, motivated and dedicated individuals!

National Board


Mark "OZ" Geist

Krystal Geist

National Board

National President - HOLLYWOOD

National VP - NASTY

National Treasurer - TACO

National Secretary - BP


Memento Mori

  • to live in truth
  • to have faith
  • to repent one's sins
  • to give proof of humility
  • to love justice
  • to be merciful
  • to be sincere and wholehearted
  • to endure persecution

Shadow Warriors Project

  • The shield has 6 sides representing the 6 men protecting the annex in Benghazi on September 11-12 2012. 
  • Also symbolizes protection against evil and falsities
  • The star is for the security contractors that were lost that night paying the ultimate sacrifice and representing all contractors. 
  • The rank is for their endless relation to service, memorial and the military.

Never Forget

  • Tyrone Woods
  • Glen Doherty

  • Christopher Stevens
  • Sean Smith